The goal of energy healing and wellness is to reduce stress, anxiety, and balance energy flow in the client.  Energy healing is also referred to as alternative medicine and is based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the physical body. 

Katherine Siobhan is an energy healer who practices in

Sedona Arizona and the Verde Valley. 

All in-person sessions are done fully clothed from the comfort of a massage table or chair.

These in-person sessions include: aromatherapy from essential oils for the senses, crystal therapy, and sound healing frequencies to clear blockages from the client's energy. 

Comfortable non-restrictive clothing is recommended.  Long distance healing sessions are available through Phone, Skype, or Facetime. 


Reiki is an energy medicine therapy from Japan.  It is a safe, effective, and recognized treatment offered in hospitals, doctors' offices, and spiritual communities throughout the world.  During a session the Reiki Practitioner connects to universal life force energy

(rei ki) and directs this healing energy from the

hands into the client's body.  Katherine Siobhan is a Certified Usui Reiki Therapist available for sessions in Sedona Arizona and the Verde Valley by appointment. 

Long distance reiki and energy healing sessions are available through phone,

FaceTime, and Skype.    



15 minutes...$50

30 minutes...$85

45 minutes...$120

60 minutes...$150