Spiritual Intuitive READINGS 
Katherine Siobhan has been a practicing White Witch (ban- druidh)
for over twenty years. Her practice is strongly rooted in Celtic Druid traditions and Irish lineage.  She is a graduate alumni of Northern Arizona University and has a passion for continuing education and studies of all things involving: organized religion, ancient civilizations, and the world of metaphysics.  

She uses her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience to assist clients with all types of energy clearings and messages from spirit.  One of her greatest joys is teaching others how to discover and implement their own spiritual gifts.  Private lessons on psychic development, spiritual alchemy, & spell casting techniques are available.   Consultations on Spiritual Ceremonies and outdoor healing sessions are available in Sedona Arizona and the
Verde Valley by appointment.

"Everyone has
the ability to create and use magic!  I consider it an honor to teach and serve others.  May all the dreams you can imagine for yourself be manifested!  Always in light and love..." Katherine Siobhan

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Sedona Arizona Psychic Readings are done in person
by appointment.  Long distance phone sessions
are available


15 minutes...$44
30 minutes...$88
45 minutes...$111

60 minutes...$150

60 minutes private session...$150
6o minutes group sessions...$111 per person

A $20 reservation fee is required to reserve a time and date for the outdoor energy healing seessions.  This $20 reservation deposit is refundable if cancellation for session is received
24 hours before scheduled appointment time.