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Spiritual Intuitive READINGS 

Katherine Siobhan is a Spiritual Intuitive.  Spiritual Intuition is the practice of using guidance from one's soul in conjunction with
listening to the Universe.  In essence, intuition is a cognitive process used to guard and protect your soul's highest good.  Fear and a constant
"gut feeling" about a situation is actually a tool of intuition designed to protect you.  Ignoring these messages especially the loudest warnings can be bad for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Your soul aka the higher self will always do its best to protect you.  Learning to quiet the mind through meditation, prayer, and other healing techniques establishes a stronger deeper connection with God and the heavenly realms here to support you.  Using your intuitive abilities in addition to the Universe's guidance is the practice of Spiritual Intuition. 

Katherine Siobhan has been a Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Empath since she was a child.  The spiritual gift of clairvoyance is known as the gift of sight, claircognizance is the
intuitive gift of knowing, and clairsentience is a heightened sense of empathy known as the ability to sense the feelings and emotions of people, places, and things.

In a Spiritual Intuitive Reading clients will receive guidance from Katherine's spirit guides: the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, God, and the client's Guar
dian Angel spirit guides.  These sessions will also assist the client in strengthening and healing their Crown Chakra which is the energy center of the human body responsible for intuition.

These sessions are in alignment with the Angelic Realm and the highest good of the individual.  As such these sessions do not involve fortune telling practices or future style based predictions.  Rather these sessions will teach the client energy awareness and empowerment techniques to strengthen their own unique spiritual abilities.

Isis divine feminine healing by Katherine Siobhan

Spiritual Intuitive Readings in Sedona Arizona
must be booked in advance.
Upon paying the reservation fee I will send the address and location of the studio.
*Please note reservation and cancellation policy
below.  Questions?  Consultations are always free.
Send me a private message...

Long distance sessions available


15 minutes...$44
30 minutes...$88
45 minutes...$111

60 minutes...$144


60 minutes private session...$144
6o minutes group sessions...$88 per person

A $30 reservation fee is required to reserve a time and date for all energy healing sessions.  This $30 reservation deposit is refundable if cancellation
for the session is received
24 hours before scheduled appointment time.


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